Explore the world on a trail bike

Knowledge of the country and its culture is essential to create, in situ,
new projects that provide personal and social benefit.

Guided Adventures

Trail motorcycle experiences. Enjoy off-road riding and different cultures at the same time.

Events Organization

Since 2012 organizing events for Trail motorcycles, in the Moroccan desert.

Enduro-Trail Courses

Learn and improve your off-road riding skills at the BMW Enduro Park Isábena, located in the Pyrenees.

GPS Track Design

Creation of motorcycle trail routes, looking for special and spectacular locations.

Morocco on a motorcycle

Morocco is an affordable country, with a culture and landscapes that make it very attractive for any travel lover.

Desert: Experience the silence and its energy
Mountains: Tubqal, the highest peak in North Africa
Sand: Surf your bike through the desert sand

Live the experience

Learn about the traditions of a different culture and discover the everyday life of its people while you enjoy your motorcycle.

Tour guide: Travel and off-road driving specialist
Assistance: 4×4 support car
Accomodation: Good gastronomy and good rest
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