FAQ Morocco Nomad Trail

Faqs Nomad Trail

Frequently asked questions from those interested and participating about the Morocco Nomad Trail

  1. What is usually the temperature at this time of year?
    Although we all know that the weather can be unpredictable, the Nomad Trail is held during a time when rain and sandstorms do not usually occur. The temperature is ideal for riding a motorcycle through the desert. During the day the sun can be harsh and offroad you don’t have to dress too warmly. At night you do have to dress warmly. As we go further south, we will also notice some degree of extra. Temperatures are 25ºC-8ºC (max-min), more or less.
  2. What type of sleeping bag and mat are most appropriate?
    I would not recommend a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature higher than +5ºC. Inflatable mats are the most practical for traveling by motorcycle, since they take up little space and weigh little. It is worth investing in a mat that insulates well, is resistant and does not cause problems. If you want some reference, I have been using the brand Therm-a-Rest for years and it has always given me very good results.
  3. Do I need to wear motocross/enduro goggles?
    When we travel with more people and the terrain is dry we may eat some dust. For safety, it is advisable to leave a sufficient distance from the motorcycle in front of us for good visibility and to swallow less dust. Motocross/enduro goggles protect the eyes better from dust and the quality of vision is better than when we use the screen of a trail helmet.
  4. Does the 4×4 assistance pickup also carry the riders’ luggage?
    The assistance car can transport all the luggage that we do not need during the journey. In any case, if you need something, the 4×4 is always with us and it will not be a problem to take what you need.
  5. What is the best option to have an internet connection on the phone?
    In Morocco there are different companies that offer a good connection in most of the territory. If you need internet communication, I recommend buying a Moroccan SIM card in Nador. After the briefing at the Paris café, I will assist the participants in purchasing the cards. It is a simple, economical and fast operation.

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