Do you travel to the desert in summer?

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A 7-point reminder for riders traveling to the desert this summer

With this heat you would like to take a nap.

A 7-point reminder for riders traveling to the desert this summer:

  1. It is advisable to use light-colored gear for greater protection against UV rays.
  2. Being covered from head to toe and with the helmet visor down when you are riding will reduce the feeling that you are roasting like a roast chicken.
  3. Technical underwear is very effective at evacuating sweat and keeping the skin dry. You will prevent your clothes from sticking to your body and reduce the stress of high temperatures. It is advisable that underwear be long.
  4. Use a “Camelbak” type hydration system to stay hydrated at all times. With high temperatures we lose a lot of fluid and the body needs more “gasoline” than normal.
  5. Since you’re in Morocco, grab a box of dates. Dates provide energy, and are also very tasty. Keep the bone in your mouth for a while to stimulate saliva production and soothe the feeling of dry mouth.
  6. Avoid riding on desert tracks with a fat bike, especially if you don’t have much experience. The machines also suffer from high temperatures. With these stifling temperatures, if you get lost in the desert you can have a lot of problems.
  7. Enjoy fully!

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